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    Hey girls – has anyone bought or planning to buy their bridesmaid’s dresses online? If so what websites have you used?
    I  have 4 BMs and each of them have very different budgets and the styles of dresses online are exactly what I like but I am scared of all the risks in regards to buying them online, i.e. they come back as rags and we have to spend double the money…



    Hi there, I have been doing some research online, but haven’t made a final decision yet. I have been looking at some dresses on Etsy, I usually read the reviews to see what kind of feedback others have left about the quality of fabric, sizing, communication with the seller etc. I am really considering also getting my dress from there so hopefully there’s not rags!
    Best of luck!



    I bought all 4 of mine from http://www.dressilyme.com
    I am very happy with the cost and quality, and I paid about $15 extra for custom sizing which is great (like I have a size 6 who’s 155cm, and a size 8 who’s 176cm, and 2 other girls, so I needed very weird sizing).
    The only complaint I have is that I ordered one to be sure of it, and instead of being delivered orange, it came out navy blue. I had to fight tooth and nail for them to not charge me again (they said they couldnt resell it because of the custom sizing…). Finally got the second dress for no charge. Also be careful of the colour swatches, our “purple” dress was delivered hot pink… but they said it was because the swatches vary from online to in person (which is written all over their website) so I had to bear the price on this one. Managed to sell it though… 
    Apart from that, the service was fantastic, the dresses great quality, they all look amazing, it took maybe 3-5 weeks from order to delivery – I would order a million more dresses from them happily!!! 



    Thank you for your help :) I was looking at purchasing the girls dresses from here http://www.tbdress.com and they seem really helpful but just the colouring I’m worried about 



    If you can’t physically see a colour chart and hold it in your hands – then don’t do it.  I’m smack in the middle of a custom made debacle right now, and the colour is only of the problems with the dress.  I’m getting married in less than 2 weeks, and don’t have a dress to wear.  No matter, it’ll work out.  But if I had the chance to go back and do it again, I would go to a bricks and mortar store.



    i just bought my 4 girls dresses off ebay, $45 each including postage with sizes ranging from 8 to 22, 2 of my girls will be pregnant (MOH will be 39 weeks and bridesmaid will be 7 and half months) however the dresses i have bought are designed so that if bellies are bigger than expected they will still give, at $45 each if they arent right i can always sell them and get different designs elsewhere :)



    Woah Missy. That’s a lot of big bellies! Tell your MOH to make sure she keeps it in lol – or at the very least doesn’t break water on your shoes (that was my only rule when one of my BMs asked if it would be an issue if she was pregnant at my wedding – I said I didn’t care as long as we get through the ceremony and she didnt have a baby on my feet). She got pregnant quicker then she thought so I now have an extra wedding guest :) 



    I used plussizebridal.com for my wedding dress, and the groomswoman has ordered her dress from there too…..  They sell only original dresses from the designers… they also stock from size 0-32… find the design(s) you want and then look to see if they stock it…. my wedding dress was $2000 cheaper than buying in Australia… I did have to wait for delivery… it came 8 weeks after the expected shipment date… They also answer all emails promptly, and I called them once and they were very helpful.  They are in the USA.



     I don’t have any objections on buying bridesmaid dresses online. I also thought of buying my BM’s dresses online.If you want to check on BM’s dresses you can visit this page – http://www.everythingforweddings.com.au/wedding-dresses-cakes-venues.php?id=1499 . You can see lots of BM dresses with different designs from a conservative type to the daring type. I had my girls chose their dresses since they are all working girls and have no time for shop hopping. And it’s up to them if they will buy their BM dresses online or have someone make them.
    Hope it helps!


    Tia Ruby

    You can check here may it’s help you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 30 total)

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