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    So my wedding dress is pink, originally I was going to put one of the bridesmaids in pastel blue/green and the other in pink. But now my dress is pink I’m not sure what to do!

    This is the dress. Any suggestions on bridesmaid dresses? What colours/styles?


    Chris Lee

    Pink or light blue is OK, maybe short styles are all right.



    I think light green is good.
    It can be a good match your main pink dress.



    Your dress is very similar to the kinds of dresses I’m looking at (I’m going for blush pink), I’m tossing up between a darker blush pink, muted pink and grey/charcoal (but a deep berry is a possibility depending on what the bridesmaids want) for our bridesmaids dresses, we’re having a winter wedding and will have a soft, romantic palette with pearls being a feature.

    If you’re having a spring wedding the green would be a nice contrast, however another option which is quite popular at the moment for brides in coloured dresses is bridesmaids in whute, ivory or light pastel shades, and it looks gorgeous! (Plus it is cross-seasonal). The blue really would depend on the season, but a purple-based periwinkle or muted grey-blue would work well.

    Don’t be afraid to try something different and express your own style!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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