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    Hi ladies, 
    I’m just wondering how many people have asked their bridesmaids to pay for their dresses and shoes, and how did you ask? I’m kinda nervous about asking.
    Thank you.



    I was pretty fortunate that my BMs offered to purchase their dresses & because of this I am trying to find the dress Im looking for at a reasonable price.
    I asked them to arrange their own shoes and gave them the option to wear what ever shoes they like (the dresses are floor length). One of my girls bought her shoes off Ebay for a steal!
    I offered to pay for my BMs hair, makeup and I am giving them a clutch and jewellery as a gift.
    I think if you have a chat to each of them and see where theyre at and what their budget would be they should be fine! I am fortunate they offered because our wedding budget is small and we would be really stretching it to pay for the dresses/tuxes of our bridal party.
    Maybe also give them a couple of options to consider too so that they can see what they can get for the money theyre able to pay. I have one BM who wants designer with a budget of $100…. so we have had fun being creative together trying to find something that looks designer but its within budget :)



    Hi Leah,
    I have been bridesmaid 4 times, and each time I paid for my dress and shoes. I always just assumed that I was to pay. My cheapest dress was home made for $25, and the most expensive was $250…… I had one bride ($250 dress girl) who also go me to pay for makeup and hair, two who paid for the makeup and I paid for the hair, and one who paid for my hair and makeup.
    Twice did I have matching shoes, one was thongs (yes $4 rubber thongs under the $250 dress), and one was evening shoes. The other two times I bought my shoes myself.
    I get married in 6 weeks and never actually had a conversation about who was paying, I just assumed they would buy their own. I just asked my bridesmaid and his groomswoman to pick any blue dress they wanted – long/short, light blue/dark blue, I don’t mind as long as they are comfortable. They have bought their own dress and shoes and I am paying for their hair and makeup on the day, and have bought their jewellery (pearl necklace and earrings).
    Don’t be nervous about asking them to pay. These girls are your best friends. If you think it will “soften the blow”, when you ask them to buy thier dress you can tell them then that you will buy the shoes/pay for hair or makeup etc… Or you could send an email with a few links to dresses you like with something like “how would you feel about wearing this dress? does it fit into your budget??” or I have found 2 dresses I like, I know that money is tight at the moment, which would you prefer to buy? dress A for $150 or dress B for $230??”… you can do it in a nice way, and if you give them enough time they can save up over months for it.
    Hope that’s helpful.


    I haven’t actually had a formal discussion with my bridesmaid as I only became engaged on the weekend but I was talking about it with my sister a few months ago and I said she would be buying her own dress… We’re having a budget wedding and I know she can’t afford much either, so I’ve said my only rules are it must be emerald green and that the shoes and jewelry must be silver. That way she’s able to choose a dress that fits her budget and also suits her figure as I don’t care about length, and she can choose to wear jewlery and shoes she already owns or go buy some more if she wants. I haven’t discussed this either, but I plan on paying for her make-up and hair. Being the only bridesmaid I feel I can be flexible with what she wears and how she does her hair and make-up because she doesn’t have to match anyone else. Although I am a little worried that there aren’t that many dresses in emerald green out there, so we’ll see how she goes with searching for a dress, but maybe I’ll chip in to have one made for her as part of her gift if we’re unable to get one cheaply.

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