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    Hi everyone,
    I need some different opinions. One of my really good friends has asked me to be in her bridal party. I am really excited and honoured that she would want me to be there in such an important role on her wedding day. I also found out that she has asked another girl who is basically my nemesis. This other woman has caused me much heartache and pain in the past and has been someone I have been trying to rid from my life for many years. This other woman is well known for dramatic scenes and inappropriate behaviour towards my husband.
    I have discussed my dilemma with other close friends who are aware of the history and all have said,”Wow, that’s really awkward”. The only advice i’ve had is to decline being bridesmaid. I really want to be a part of my friend’s wedding and make it the most special day for her.
    Please help…



    2 of my bridesmaids have a bad history, 1 i have known for about 10 years or so and the other about 4 years (i didnt know they had a bad history till about 3 years ago) and I have told them that no matter what has happened between them it is my day, and if they cant stand each other then they simply dont have to talk to each other.
    You dont have to spend the whole day/night with the other girl, you dont even really need to talk to her, dont decline because of the other girl, if you want to be a bridesmaid for your friend then do it :)



    Do you like the bride enough to tolerate this other woman? You’ll have the full wedding day plus anything else in the lead up. If you have a good enough friendship with the bride then do it but if the link to her isn’t strong then it’s not worth the pain to you and bow out. Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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