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    Hi Girls,
    I am looking for brides who choose to wear a colour other than white as their wedding dress, whether it be you inadvertently fell in love with a different colour or that you sort out something away from “tradition”.
    Throughout history the wedding dress hasnt always been white, in some cultures its black to show the brides devotion to her husband till death, as such black hasnt always been a colour of mourning.
    Many brides are opting for colourful dresses, nothing is out of bounds, after all it is yours and your partners day, as long as you are comfortable and feel like the goddess your dreamed of it doesnt matter right….
    I know so many people would gasp at the thought of the bride wearing something other than a white gown, but when you think about it, you go to any wedding and the bride is constantly judged on the dress she chooses, sure everyone will say how beautiful she looks, but as they head home the car ride is filled with either love or hate for the “most important dress” she will ever wear.
    So why the shock, why do people always asume that a bride “has” to wear white, yes white dresses are beautiful, but they simply dont look good on everyone, just the same with any colour.
    I am after any bride who have or are taking the “shocking” plunge and going against the white dress, or maybe your opting for colour within your dress.
    I think its important to remember that while a colour other than white isnt for everyone, the only thing that matters is that you as the bride are happy and feel beautiful, after all we all want to be standing in front of the person we love feeling the most beautiful we have ever felt.
    thankyou girls, look forward to reading about your thoughts.


    I’m definitely thinking not-white.  I’ve started looking at flat-out crazy colours, deep red and royal purple, but it’s tricky to find something I like as there’s not as much choice.  If I can’t find something perfect, I’m considering going with a whtie dress with LOTS of coloured detail (embroidery etc).
    Seems to be much cheaper to get a coloured dress too!


    not every bride wanna to wear white wedding dress.as to me,red wedding dress is my favorite,in china,red is regarded as the most happiness color,most stuff are red during the Spring Festival.even i saw some brides wear black wedding dress for their wedding,i think no matter what color wedding dress you wear,to get happiness marriage is the most important.



    my dress is champagne with ivory lacing, my girls are wearing blue :)


    My sister’s wedding dress is Champagne and so beautifu!



    I am wearing orange to my wedding. I am not a fan of white on me, I am sure I would get it dirty straight away. Orange is my favourite colour and my fiancé loves it on me. It is a tea length dress and is cotton. Guess I am very non traditional. 


    I’ve just realised that I would probably be more comfortable in a coloured dress. I do not wear dresses very often and I’m a little uncomfortable in long dresses and I tend to show off my legs to distract from my stomach. However I definitely want to wear a long dress for my wedding day so I’ve been struggling to find the perfect dress, and every dress I look at doesn’t look good enough. I only realised lat week that maybe the reason I’m not liking any dress is the fact that they’re white and I never wear white and am not comfortable wearing white. I then found a picture of a dress that was almost all dark green over a white skirt. I’m loving this idea and think I will go ahead with this. I had planned on white flowers and a white veil and I think the white dress would have made me look too white and pale. So I’m not trying to focus on finding the perfect dress shape and then I might design my wedding dress to look like a green cocktail dress over a full white skirt….. However I haven’t told my mother yet, so we will see how that turns out, haha! I actually am a traditional person, but I am a mother and therefore don’t feel comfortable wearing a full white gown 


    ok,i never think i will wear white wedding dress in my big day,i will choose one red wedding dress,but not gown,and i have found many sites,i decided to one formal dress which can regarded as one wedding dress.
    i still wanna to know whether it is suitable for my wedding?what do you think of it?


    Hi ladies, its so good to see brides embracing who they are.
    everyones dress sounds perfect, amanda wong I have actually seen this dress in person and this photo simply does not do it justice, georgous dress.
    I have had issues with white looking “odd” on me and as a result I cant be comfortable, weddings are about many things and the thing I worry most about is being comfortable, so many people already staring I want to feel comfortable.
    I have taken to just finding a dress in white that I like and the shape and getting it made in Black, I love black and I always feel at home in it, confident.
    Bridal places havent been as kind to me, so I am ordering my dress online, they are more than happy to accomidate, and even can custom a dress fully.
    Still havent found THE dress yet, but I am confident that i will.
    Every wedding I have been to over the years, i noticed that regardless what the bride wears there are always comments about her choice, whether good or bad, cant please everyone, so it has helped me make the choice to go for a differnt dress.
    Keeping in mind that any dress you where on your wedding day is a wedding dress, or suit :)
    Thankyou beautiful ladies….


    Miranda P

    I aodre blush dresses!! I think they really compliment any complexion!
    I think like euphoriascharm said, it’s all about how comfortable you feel in the dress, no matter what colour and white is not the best colour for most brides who have a light complexion, as it just blends in with your skin (I know it does with mine!).
    This is the dress I’ve shortlisted for my wedding 😀
    I’ve had mixed responses from family, my friends are all for it though! what do you girls think of it, honestly??

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