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    im hoping someone can help me. My sister in-law is getting married, really needs to start looking for a bridal dress. Where could we go that has a large variety of styles in size 2(USA). We live in between Sydney and Newcastle. Could someone make any suggestions.



    Generally larger bridal stores carry many styles in many sizes. My understanding is a US2 is an Australian size 6, in which case most bridal store will carry styles in a 6. Keep in mind that when she tries on dresses it won’t matter what size she tries on as they use these clips to do it up at the back (their literally like massive bull dog clips) You will rarely get to try on the style you want in your size as they only tend to stock each style in one size. I’m a size 6-8 and had no trouble in any stores as they just used clips to make them all tighter.


    Thank you bect86


    Hi Sam,
    I am recently engaged and just went to Philippa Galasso to try some gowns. She has beautiful wedding dresses and there were many in smalls sizes. I would definitely recommend you go and see them but you’ll need to make an appointment there first. They are in Sydney.
    Hope this helps! :)



    I’m a size 0-2 I live in brisbane. I had very little trouble in any of the store I went into. Most dresses were in my size and those that werent found ways to get me in, some used these rather workshop looking big clips to hold me into the dress, other places used pins. the pinning was a much better look as I got a better feel for the back of the dress.
    being a small size is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Bigger girls have to come out with the dresses unzipped, etc.
    Hills in Hollywood which I believe is nation wide, was the only shop to let me take photos. I would suggest goin there even just to try on styles.

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