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    Hi fellow Knotties.
    ive just become engaged on Christmas Day and I’m madly starting my planning. But when it comes to discussing rings with my fiancé, I would love to get a bridal set. Always have! I feel bad about the discussion because he chose my engagement ring on a budget that suited him (at the time) and he did very well but it’s going to be hard to match a wedding band. I want it to be special so I will try to also match my bridal set with his wedding band. Is this a bad idea? 



    Hi Lauren, congratulations on you engagement! Try going to the store he purchased the engagement ring from, they’ll often have matching wedding and eternity rings. Alternatively go to independent jewelers and discuss getting something custom made.



    A lot of jewellers will have bridal sets and accompanying sets for your partner; but if you’re willing to shop around, some will even create custom sets and could design you something totally unique that is either a whole new design or based off the ring your partner already gave you so that you can preserve and include the significance of your first engagement ring.


    Rachel S

    Congratulations on your engagment! I totally understand the difficulty of matching a ring! Mine is a camily heirloom, so I searched for about a year to find a similar era (art deco) band with a complimentary style. I feel your pain!
    If the store your beloved bought the ring from doesn’t have a matched pair, definitley look at going custome made. That way you should be able to come up with a design that compliments your engament ring but also has design elements of your beloved’s ring as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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