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    Jo Pont

    We are a second time around couple and don’t really want to do the whole walking down the aisle thing. We plan on having a beach side outdoor ceremony any suggestions how we could make this happen with our attendants being our 8 grandchildren 



    You really don’t have to follow wedding conventions, just do it your way! 8 Grandchildren sound like a bit to muster, so depending on their age and the location you could choose something that they enjoy too.
    Alternatively,  you could just all gather together in a group, have someone hand you a ring and have the celebrant seal the deal in an informal setting. You don’t have to walk down an aisle, you could walk together to the celebrant,  or with your grandchildren; there’s no real rules.
    I would suggest discussing as a couple (or family) and brainstorming who you feel you are, what you enjoy doing, and go from there. I would start the conversation with a question like “If I could marry you in any way I wanted, what would we do?” Be imaginative,  use fantasy, fun and hobbies to inspire you, and then look for realistic ways of expressing those dreams at the wedding.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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