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    Hi everyone

    New to this. Just got engaged the other day, and like any other female, i am organising my weddding. lol

    My question is in regards to my bridal party.

    I’m planning my wedding to be a lovely outside wedding, but i am really only wanting my sister to be my bridesmaid, and my partners friend the best man etc.

    Now, the dilemma i have, is that i was maid of honour for my best friends wedding a year ago, and now i feel bad that i’m not considering putting her in the party. Can anyone give any suggestions? Even to how i would tell her that i’m thinking of just having a very small bridal party?




    could you maybe ask her to do another important job, like a reading, usher MC or something like that. That way she know she is still an important part of your day!



    A wedding is not tit for tat. You are not obligated to make this person a member of your wedding party just because you were in her wedding party.

    If she is your best friend I would assume that the truth would work best…….that you are only having 1 bridal party member and you want your sister. I would however not mention it unless she asks.

    However if you feel bad because you want to have her in the wedding then why not have a maid and matron (since she is married) of honour. You don’t have to have matching sides for the bridal party.

    And please don’t give her a concilation job! That is just rude and says sorry your not important enough to be my BM but how about reading a bible verse for me!

    If she asks to be included then by all means give her a reading or something else but only if that fits with your plans.



    One of my best friends is getting married one month before me she is in my bridal party but im not in hers. no hurt feelings or drama just different she happens to have sisters and cousins she is close to, where is I dont therefor she is having a family bridal party where is im having friends. your friend should know how tricky weddings are as she has done it.

    I dont see this as a problem.

    I have a friend who has been bridesmaid 9 times, trust me she wont be having 9 bridesmaids when she gets married lol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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