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    Hi there, I have had a look back through some old topics but I haven’t found anything that answers my question so here goes.
    I am completely in love with the Vera Wang Ethel gown: (which can be seen here: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2012/02/23/lake-tahoe-wedding-by-cooper-carras/ )
    I have tried on a number of dresses now, and I was thrilled that the fit and flare style suited me the best out of everything I tried. My issue is that I cannot find a dress anywhere that is like the Ethel gown. There are plenty of dresses that have the trumpet base, but the typical trumpet shape and style is not what I am looking for. I also tried on a dress that was a copy of the Maggie Sottero gown, Destiny. I loved the style, but again, the base was not what I am looking for.
    Has anyone purchased a dress from Etsy? I have found a store that has had over 500 reviews, 99.9% of which are absolutely glowing about customer service, communication, quality etc. The dressmaker will custom-make the gown to your measurements, and I have read some of the reviews that said she has made amazing dresses from just a photo.
    I just haven’t got the feeling with any dress I have put on so far, that it is the one. Every dress I am comparing to the Ethel, and when I look in the mirror I think ‘wow that looks amazing, except for the bottom’.
    Anyone have some experience to share with Etsy?


    i have ATTEMPTED to buy dresses on etsy.. and would NOT reccomend going with them, i have tried several different sellers in etsy to try and buy bridesmaids dresses, and every single one of the 5 different stores i tried scammed me. i never recieved the dresses, and the sellers refused to contact me when i asked about it. i even contacted etsy and each time they said they would look into it, and they even put a ban on the sellers stores so that they couldnt sell until they sorted my issues out but still no response from sellers. the only way i got my money back (after 5 MONTHS) of trying was to go through the company that handles the payments for etsy. and even then i never got full refunds.maybe i was just unlucky with the 5 different sellers and 5 different dresses that i tried to get from etsy.. but i would not reccomend them.i will however reccomend dinodirect.com  i bought my wedding dress from them for under $180 and it was perfect! superb workmanship and top notch materials and was teh perfect custom size. ive bought from dinodirect.com many times and have never had a problem. so i would suggest giving them ago, they have just about any type of wedding dress you can imagine!

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