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    I have really put much thought into our honeymoon. We thought of going on a luxury houseboat  and pink flamingo for 2-3 days  since h2b isn’t a great flyer. See my post here: http://www.weddingclub.com.au/forums/topic/honeymoons

    With my big day is still far away.  I have been lookig on all the exciting places  where you could have your honeymoon. ANd everytime I got to see nice places, I seem to changed my mind about my honeymoon preferences. And having second thoughts of our honeymoone venue. This trait of mine annoys me a lot. 
    Anyway, yes Iand I don’t like the idea of going more than a week, we don’t have the enough budget to book our honeymoon. Sefore the wedding in July so we are going to go into travel agent week after wedding and book something then, we only want a week somewhere, maybe a nice villa with a pool….
    Is anyone else doing this? Or has anyone any recommendations?



    Me too, having a hard time here deciding to where we are going to spend our honeymoon. Best of luck in choosing your best honeymoon destination. Cheers !


    My mother is looking at going to Vanuatu for her 50th, and the travel brochures look amazing! You can do scuba diving classes, waterfall forest walks, or just relax at the resort by the pool. It’s not that far above us so the airfares are pretty cheap. Just be aware of when cyclone season is, but maybe you could check that out? Or look at other tropical islands around us, like Fiji…



    Hi @mystica
    I got some useful information in this website about honeymoon destinations in Western Australia, since my sister is also getting married soon. I’m going to recommend this website to her. They have plenty of information about the best places to spend your honeymoon.
    Best of Wishes ! Cheers !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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