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    So I am thinking of doing boardgames, actual playable ones instead of decorative ones for my centrepieces / bonboniere.
    I was wondering on your opinions on:
    * Which games do you think you work best for pairs and small groups
    * What kind of cute/witty sayings can I put on the cards/tags for them?
    I’m already planning on my sister and brother in law getting “Connect 4” with “Love connection” as the tag and a group of family friends (whao are all in the same family) “Trouble” with “Trouble Makers” on it.
    Any more ideas?



    No ideas about tags, but games like jenga, backgammon, uno, mastermind, trivial pursuit. I love that idea, wish i had thought of it! 



    Cards and poker chips, take a gamble on love. 



    Thats a great idea!
    For uno I can maybe have “to a great pair” or “Luck of the draw (4)” or “For your special some-one”
    Jenga… “Build with love”, “together the sky’s the limit”
    Not sure I can get away with trivial pursuit in an hour but it will be fun to try!


    Luke Firth

    Wow, what a brilliant idea!



    Thank you Luke,
    With weddings I find that people get lots of decorations that they can’t really use again and clutter up your house or just get thrown out.
    That and while everyone is waiting for you to come in while getting photos done it can be awkward if they don’t really know the other people on their table.
    So why not have something that can amuse them and break the ice with the other people, that is re-useable and doubles as a bonbonierre?
    So far I am thinking of:
    Connect 4 (Love Connection)
    Trouble (To my favorite “Trouble”- makers)
    Deck of cards (Queen and King of Hearts)
    Jenga (The Buliding Blocks of Love)
    Poker Set (Take a Gamble on Love)
    Uno (For your Special Some-“One”)
    Master Mind (You know my heart, but can you read my mind?)
    Can Anyone think of others with a witty saying?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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