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    I asked my best friend & my two sisters to be my bridesmaids, because I couldn’t imagine getting married without them up front with me. One is plus-sized and the other two are rather petite. I do not find this a problem.
    What I do have a massive, bridezilla problem with are the people who supply bridesmaid’s dresses.
    1. Everyone only seems to make dresses up to size 14.2. The simple style dresses I like (and I’m talking a plain, single colour dress with one strap or a halter neck, kneelength and preferably a chiffon type fabric) are (to me) rediculously expensive. I’m talking $350 plus to buy from a shop here in NZ, right up to $1000 designer stuff you could probably buy from Glassons for $80 (if they stocked something I liked!). I know quality = $$, but $350 plus for a simple dress is just crazy.3. Even going to a generic type dress shop is not really an option due to size variation.4. I don’t know if I want to run the risk of ordering off an online shop.
    I would probably happily pay up to $250 for a quality dress, but damned if I can find something I like that the girls will look good in, that is also in all of their sizes, for that price. The whole wedding thing is starting to grind my gears with the extravagant “extra this” and “extra that” that seems to magically appear just because I mention the word “wedding”!
    Rant over. Thank you :)



    I know you don’t want to go shopping online (I was always a little skeptical myself), but modcloth.com have beautiful dresses and most of them come in all sizes. I ordered something for myself from there just to see if they were reliable and my dress came arrived in good time, was beautifully packaged and good quality. 
    But I hear what you’re saying. My girls are all different sizes and trying to find something that fitted them all and at a reasonable price was very difficult. 


    Hi Katz22, I’ve heard that Weddind Dress Express, an online store on the Gold Coast, are great. You can have dresses custom made, so you could probably send them a picture of your dress that you want and they can reply with a quote. I’ve sent a couple designs and received a quote within the week, so there’s no harm is asking. Good luck!



    I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but have you looked at lightinthebox.com? They have a huge range of bridesmaids dresses in hundreds of styles and fabrics and they do custom sizing which eliminates the needs for loads of tailoring costs, plus you’re looking at at least half the price, they have loads of chiffonn dresses (you can narrow my things like fabric, neckline, length and price etc. because there really are so many dresses to sort through. My fiancee and I ordered colour swatches from them and are going to be getting our BM dresses through there, we’re planning to pay $120-$150 per dress with alterations and shipping (although because we’re able to cut the costs so dramatically we will probably have the bridal party pay for their outfits). I was so afraid to shop online but I’ve purchased from this place and know other people who have and they’ve always been reliable and the quality was amazing.
    I know it is cheap, but I wouldn’t recommend going to a department store if you want quality and for it to look bespoke, but if you really can’t afford it you can dress up the look with accessories like sashes and add petticoats. When shopping online, look for reviews and photos of other people who have bought the outfits so you can see it in other colours and on different body shapes.



    Thanks for the advice, I liked the look of “Wedding Dress Express” in particular :) I will finally get a chance to sit everyone down over Xmas & discuss ideas, so will make a decision with them then…

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