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    Hi everyone. I am having a bit of a dilemma, I am a big busted girl 16G, I have a tiny waist, ridonkulous wide hips and flabby fat thighs, I am a size 16-18 in most clothes, I am also the mother of two children so I have that lovely flabby stomach with the pouchy thingy, I am nearly 6 foot without shoes on and I have no idea what dresses would suit me. I am trying to figure out exactly what kind of dress would fit my body type because I am really senstaive I am somewhat fearful about going to store and trying something on because if I look in the mirror and I look awful I know it will put me completely off. I do know that I hate halter necks and big puffy dresses. I feel like I am driving myself completely insane because I have read conflicting stories, i.e big busted girls shouldnt wear strapless dresses (which I love, the dresses i have found that i love are all strapless so it worries me), A Lines will make your stomach look bigger, mermaid dresses give you back fat if your a bigger bride. With so many conflicting stories I am at a loss. I would love it if someone could tell me if they know what styles would suit me and even if there are other plus sized brides who have been in the same dilemma I am and found their perfect gown I would very much appreciate it.


    Hi Quinn, I’m also a big-breasted woman… I don’t have your tiny waist, but I also have wide hips and bigger thighs. i find the best dresses that suit me are those that cut in under the bust, to accentuate your boobs, and then drop gently over your curbs. This would look even better with your slim waist as the attention is drawn to the boobs and waist. I also find chiffon seems a lot softer on the curves and makes me look slimmer. I would say cap sleevs or off the shoulder sleeves look best as they bring the attention up to the shoulders and boobs rather than the hips. But that may just be me, I’m also conscious of my arms so prefer to cover them.



    Thankyou so much EmeraldBride. Im so glad to hear from someone. I will most definatly take your suggestions and when i get the courage to try on dresses will defiantly give them a go.



    Quinn have a chat to the sales lady about your worries. My lady was fantastic and picked the most perfect dress for me based on my needs and worries about small waist and big boobies/bum (although my girls aren’t as big as yours! probably only an E when I went shopping for the first time)
    A good sales person should know their product and pick out something awesome. If they aren’t helpful, don’t give up, just leave and go to someone you can build rapport with and trust.
    This is the dress that I ended up with and I loooovvveee it…- but I think it probably goes in the big puffy dresses catagory so not much help to you! I was about a size 14 when I tried it on the first time and someone said I looked like a size 8. http://www.alfredangeloanz.com/collections/styles/217 



    A great minimiser bra, and an Empire gown.  They hang from under the bust, and hide so much that we don’t like about ourselves, while at the same time are really quite slimming.  Plus, being so tall, you’ll look just like a Greek goddess!  There are thousands of beautiful designs in this silouhette.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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