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    Hello I Really Really Need Some Help Any And All Adive Or Help Would Be Much Appreciated.
    This Will Be The First Time I Am Getting Married, And The Second Time For My Bride ( She Wants To Make It Special For Me More So Than Herself ) So Has Left Me To Come Up With All The Planning ( I Am Cluessless lol ) I Would Like It To Be A Beach Wedding But Having Trouble Finding Inspiration For Ideas, A Theme Colour For Myself And My Bride To Be Pretty Much No Idea At All LOL If Any Could Offer Some Advice Help Of Any Kind I Will Be More Than Greatful And So Thankful.
    Thank-you For Your Help


    Hi William,
    Coral, pink, white and gold are beautiful colours for a beach wedding, you could also incorporate turquoise. Beach weddings let you have a more semi formal, cocktail style wedding. Think knee length bridesmaid dresses with bare feet on the sand with pretty sandals for the reception, men in dress pants, buttom up top with sleves rolled up with a vest and tie. Like bright vibrant colours. You could have vases filled with sand and a candle in them as your centrepieces. Think Bali flags on the sand, white deck chairs, wooden arch with some material draped on it. You can personalise with DIY wooden signs saying “shoes here for the shoes” and sign with welcome to x and x’s weddding. If you google beach weddings you will find lots of inspiration (for example http://beautifulweddings.com.au/beach-weddings/) you could look up beach wedding ideas on Pinterest as well, Pinterest is very helpful. If you know where you’re getting married you might be able to find a vendor who specializes in setting up weddings, you could look them up and view their work. Hope that’s given you some ideas. 



    Hi William, wow what a nice change to see a groom!
    I love http://www.theperfectpalette.com/ it is a great place to find colours that work well together and good visual examples. Pinterest is also a great option, you can even look at wedding magazines (though I found them expensive, stifled and limited).
    The best thing to start off with is the basics:
    How do you want it to feel? (flashy, homely, rustic, modern, classic, themed?)
    What season? (are you hot-weather people or cool-weather people)
    Where you live/ what locations you can take advantage of locally
    What kind of food do you like?
    Once you have answers to those questions you can think about how to express them through your theme and elements.
    A beach wedding is a great start, it will help you to figure out things like season, location appopriate outfits right off the bat.
    Do you have any strong religion/culture/tradition?
    What is your budget?



    Hey William, nice to see a groom … Hopefully we can help you.
    Pinterest is where I started, I had no idea what I wanted, a few days/weeks on Pinterest sorted that out! It’s amazing, you can just search in general weddings, or search for specifics, like beach wedding! 
    There are so many great ideas on there, I promise! 
    We are getting married on daydream island, we aren’t getting married on the beach, but can see the beach from the chapel and the reception (which is outside) bridesmaids will be wearing pale lemon chiffon floaty gowns, very summery! And the guys, light grey suits, white shirts, haven’t quite decided on the jacket yet, we are toying with just shirts and vests! 
    Try not to get overwhelmed, just take one thing at a time, and you will find everything will come together perfectly! 
    Hope this helps ☺️


    Thank-you all for your help and advice will look into all the mentioned suggestions Thank-you again

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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