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    Hi Everyone,
    I got married on the 6th of September this year in Bali.
    We hired Bali D’Luxe as our wedding planner and are having serious issues with the planner, Catherine Williams.
    If anyone else has had issues or has an upcoming wedding with her or her company please message me.


    Jon Grant

    Hi Vanessa – we are having serious issues too and are worried. We are in Bali Seminyak to meet Catherine but she has vanished on us after we have already paid and engaged with her.

    What’s happening with you and have you spoken to Catherine recently ? Any help is much appreciated and happy to call and speak in more detail.

    Jon and Joanne

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    Amy Perry


    We hired Bali D’Luxe to plan our wedding. We met with Catherine in Bali in August. After that everything went pear shaped. Wouldn’t answer our questions and then stopped all communication altogether. We were supposed to meet her in Perth Wednesday night but she cancelled. Rescheduled for Saturday morning and she never turned up. We have sent multiple emails requesting our money back to no avail. We have also contacted Consumer Protection. I know there is a forum on Trip Advisor with people saying the same thing. So unfortunately it looks like she has done this to a few people.
    With 32 days until my wedding I am devastated and wanting answer!



    we were married in Bali using Bali d’luxe on the 2nd September. Day went off without a hitch but we cannot get hold of Catherine now to get our marriage certificate and photos/video.

    A friend just contacted me now who is getting married on Friday and can’t get a hold of her either.

    Anyone know what’s going on??


    I have an update. She has gone into liquidation and if you have paid her money and not received a service you have to contact RSM Bird Cameron in Perth.


    Myself & my partner have also been scammed by Catherine Williams at Bali Dluxe…. Our wedding was last Tuesday, on the wedding day we found out the only thing she had paid for was the venue/villa with our money… Nothing else!! We were forced to come up with $8000aud cash on the day to have a thrown together wedding. It was all truly devastating especially because we’d paid so much money for a “custom” wedding and we literally were given whatever they could throw together not to mention being ripped off in the process! Also horrible for the experience to be full of stress & breakdowns:( I suggest everyone she owes money makes a complaint with department of consumer protection and also contacts RSM Bird Cameron to be added to the creditors list. We’re also looking into legal action!


    I would say your not getting your photos & videos because she hasn’t paid the companies….. If you know who she used you may have to contact them directly & pay for your stuff otherwise you probably won’t see them:( unfortunately we’re having to do this now too! Was Frank your celebrant? If so I have his details if you want them:)


    Yes I have contacted the photographer who did our wedding and he hasn’t been paid

    Did you want to email me as I have contacted the media about her.

    My email is Susan.henderson@iinet.net.au



    hi Elise
    we have all your photos. waiting for your email about the shipping address.
    my email info@kayanaphotographybali.com



    If you have been affected as my husband and I were, please contact BaBali Wedding Association… They arrecommend only authorised wedding planners and vendors.

    My day was created in four days by trusted members only.

    I am on Facebook and you can email me too x x

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