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    I am already married but I have a few ideas that I was going to do which I think other brides out there might like if they really want to “WOW the pants off” their family and friends!
    Step 1: Hire a mansion on the Gold Coast to hold your reception at. I was looking at these 2 mansions:
    Opulence Mansion – http://www.goldcoast-holidayrentals.com/opulence-mansion-gold-coast.html
    Wings Tallai – http://www.wingshinterlandretreat.com/Welcome.html
    Step 2: Hire a fantastic caterer to do food stations scattered around the outdoor living areas and pool area of the mansion so that everyone interacts and explores the mansion property and it gives a more casual cocktail feel. It will also give a relaxed atmosphere for both families to get to know each other. I was going hire Adiell from Pilpel as I have been to events that he has catered for and the food was “to die for”and his food station ideas was fantastic! Probably one of the best events I have been to! 
    Pilpel contact details: http://pilpelcatering.com/
    Step 3: The “piece de resistance” of the night……..Ice Sculptures! Not just one or 2….but have them everywhere! We were going to have an ice sculpture wedding cake that we were going to cut with a chainsaw for fun.  And then we were going to have themed areas where sculptures were going to be like have marlins, seahorses, fish etc around the pool…….and then on one of the decks, have our ice cake and our initials carved with a love heart sculpture. Ice columns with ice vases on top with real flowers in them…..flowers frozen in ice…. Sky is the limit!I recommend Angel Ice Sculptures in Brisbane for ice sculptures. They have a wide range of sculptures they do at very reasonable pricing and they will do a package deal when you are looking for a bigger order like what we were going to do.
    Angel Ice Sculptures Contact Details: http://www.angelicesculptures.com.au OR 0426813569
    So you are probably wondering why I didn’t do this myself…..well I eloped! I married my husband in the name of the Lord my God in a very intimate ceremony and reception with 13 of my closest friends and family. So I am sharing this as it is a fun and relaxed way to celebrate your special day in style! 



    All I could think was “WOW, that sounds expensive!” I’m sure those were great dreams for you, but ice-sculptures, expensive mansions and designer caterers aren’t really my thing. IMO I don’t think showy weddings are very classy, I think a wedding should be a celebration of you, not a chance to say “I’m better than you” (I know not everyone will agree with that, but that’s how I view my own wedding). I think weddings can be subtle while still being fun, and that there’s nothing wrong with a wedding on a budget.
    I think the only thing I would splash out on would be a wedding planner, which wouldn’t really change how the wedding looked or felt; but would enable me to be more relaxed during the planning process. I enjoy DIY, and feel that there is little point spending extra money unless it is a major part of the wedding that is very visible and will make a huge difference. If I can do the same thing for a lower cost, there’s no point going for the ‘luxury’ option. Besides, personalisation doesn’t always need a big price-tag.
    Not everyone will share my view, and for some people a flashy wedding is what works for them, which is fine.
    It’s a shame you didn’t get the dream, but at least you got married to the person you love. Maybe one day you’ll have a vow-renewal ceremony or second wedding where you can do all the things you’ve dreamed of?

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