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    Anyone know anyone who’s good with make-up on Asians?


    Maybe, but where are you based?


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    i thought it was good idea to get a cheaper asian make up artist but at the end of the day i didnt have my money spent wisely. i regreted it badly. however, if you dont mind paying at higer cost i reckon sophia lau shes pretty good i follow her on her fb .



    The beautiful almond-shaped Asian eye is gorgeous and can really look wonderful if done correctly. They have a tendency to be heavily hooded (my eyes are so I know the feeling) so taking the exaggerated crease into account is important when looking for bridal make-up looks.
    Go for very subtle eyeliner such a tight-lining as there is less visible surface of the eyelid to work with (sadly no bride can walk around with her eyes closed to let people appreciate the hard work,so try to find something that looks ust as good with your eyes open). Natural and subtle colours with shading that goes a little further than the crease would normally go, as well as soft, well-blended coours help to open up the eye and make them seem bigger.
    Use a white, shimmery or lighter colour to line the water-line and look for false lashes with either a clear or very thin strip to adhere to your eyelid so they don’t look tacked on, I’d also reccomend individual lashes glued into place or mini-strips (you can cut up larger false lashes if you can’t find them).
    Some people also use eyelid-tape or even undergo surgery, but I think this is a little drastic. The last thing you want to be is a bruised bride or have one of your eyelids unstick during the day and look lop-sided. Some people will also use light-coloured contacts to make their eyes look larger, but they can look fake and fit badly, as well as irritate the eyes.
    Any good make-up artist can work work with any nationality and skin-type, so I doubt you’d need an ‘Asian-specific’ one, but look for make-up you’ve seen on people with similar eye-types/shape and see if you can re-create them or take them to your trial.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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