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    hey hey… not really sure where to put this but anyway…
    just wondering if anyone is going to or has been to any wedding expos ? there are ones coming up in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and i’m wondering if it is worth it ? or should i just stick to pinterest and google ? lol ! thought about going but not sure if it’s complete madness or what to expect…
    thanks in advance : )



    I went to one in Sydney last year. Had a great time! Lots of friendly people, really enjoyed the fashion show, and tons of fee stuff :) lots of stuff to look at if nothing else. My friend found her celebrant there.


    Go to the expo they often have great expo specials you can save some $$ :)


    hmmm yeh okay then why not ! i’ll put it in the diary… thanks guys : )



    We went to a small one to start off with and it was a nice introduction into the whole scene. We’d planned to go to one recently but got our dates mixed up and missed it, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for more throughout the year.
    I’d suggest starting off slow and looking up the schedule online first so that you can catch the fashion shows and things you’re interested in such as vendors or catering samples without being stuck there for too many hours.



    Hi Fellow Brides, there’s an expo on this weekend and I really want my fiancé to come with me. Is it okay for a male to come to a bridal expo? I don’t want him feeling out of place… 



    Haha Yes of course he can Lauren! Loads of brides come with their partner, not just the bridal party, some even go on their own. It can depend on how involved your significant other is and whether or not they will find it interesting and enjoy getting involved.
    Usually there are just booths, sometimes a fashion show of bridesmaids gowns and bridal dresses etc. but occasionally there will be groom and groomsmen attire as well (it depends on which designers are showing, how big the expo is and how long it goes for). There’s a big mix of people who go, all sorts of people get married so expect a diverse crowd. There doesn’t tend to be huge amounts of people, but if you have children I wouldn’t recommend dragging them along because they’ll quickly get bored or break a tiara that looks like it will cost $50 but has been marked up to $300 for weddings.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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