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    “Learn from the mistakes of others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Before I got married I scoured the net to try and find a forum topic like this. I wanted to know what people wished did/didn’t happen at their wedding so I could make sure I didn’t make the same mistake. So now I’m opening up this topic here so us old married women can help out other Knotties in their planning process.

    I know we all had wonderful weddings, I’m sure we are all so happy with the day overall, but is there a little something that could have gone better? Is there something eating away at you? Share it here!

    Personally, I regret not making a concrete plan to do group photos with guests. We just assumed we’d do it after the ceremony but we got caught up talking to everyone then we were whisked off to take location photos with the bridal party. We got caught up in the moment, and although my photographer was there for the whole day I don’t have photos of at least half the guests, no record they were even there. I’ve got 500 photos of us and the bridal party, which are nice, but not one with one of my Aunty’s in it. There, glad that’s out!

    I’d just like to say this is a no-judgement zone. Please don’t be nasty to the people who post. A lot of people will say that you shouldn’t regret anything, but it’s a natural feeling, we are only sharing our stories, please don’t judge us.  



    Great idea!!!

    We’re getting married in November 2011 and we’ve just booked our photographer.  Prior to our wedding day he’s asked as to provide him with a list of all the photographs we definitely want taken including specifics and not just generic.  So instead of saying bride groom and cousins we have to provide names.  He said this will make it run smoothly.  He said he took something like 2 hours to photograph 30 guests because the bride and groom didn’t make a list but only took 30 minutes to photograph 120 guests where the bride and groom provided a list!!!  Just goes to show that preparation really is the key!!!



    I haven’t had my wedding yet, it’s about 4 months away, but so far my biggest regret has been talking about my wedding so much! It’s really hard and I get so excited, but I have to remind myself not everyone wants to talk about it as much as I do! This has also got me in some hot water as I’ve spoken to a particular girl about all the details really excited and now she is like “I can’t wait it’s going to be so fun!”


    That’s my only regret to this point! Hopefully regrets from the day will be minimal but have to keep telling myself that the day might not be perfect, the main thing is at the end of it I’ll be a Mrs. 😀



    i got sick of looking for wedding photos, and was getting frustrated at how much they were going to cost, so i bit the bullet one day and spent more that $500 on gifts that i hate and dont want to use….. i’ve worked out a new idea for the wedding favours now that wont cost us too much more, and my FH has agreed with me that i can organise new ones. but seeing that big box of now junk in my spare room kills me a little bit each time i see it…

    i so should have asked for a sample before purchasing 250 of them! wedding isnt for another 3 months and its my only regret so far!




    ive done alot of research into things that i want eg bonboniere, cakes, ect my problem is i keep finding things i love and changing my mind so on a few things ive just said “enough research, buy it and then you cant change your mind” even though i love them, i keep going back and forth with the regret of buying them, ‘could have found something cheaper, something more us’ bla bla bla when it comes down to it im happy, im just over annylising

    and i agree with VintageB as much as i tried to keep my wedding a secret, (no facebook, no talking about it with any family members on my FH side because their all gossips) the people i didnt want to find out still have and have made my life hell because of it, (seriously we’re running away for xmas just so we dont have to hear about it anymore, jelousy sucks) but im still having a great time looking on the bright side of planning my wedding!

    hope everyone else continues to enjoy theirs, and their life after!



    Its natural to have regrets! I think the main thing i regret is getting caught up very early in the wedding planning. We asked our attendants very quickly after our engagement to be by our side and i think now, that although they are and hopefully remain very good friends to us, i would have changed my invitation to ask different people to stand by our sides.

    Also, think strong and long about your guest list, is there a point asking Uncle Bob & aunty Jane twice removed if you are never going to hear from them again – over friends that you know will be around in the years to come. We had a very big family disagreement about this subject, but we stuck to out beliefs and had the people that mattered to us the most & thats one thing we do not regret.

    My advise is, don’t rush in with anything! Take your time and when you get set on an idea, give it a rest for a couple of days and then go back to it, otherwise you might end up with a something that, come to the day you will not fully love.  


    Happy Planning  :-)




    i check this post everytime im on this site, and even if there isnt something new i like reading over them to remind me im normal



    I too havent had my wedding yet, What I regret is talking about it. I am excited and I do want to talk about it. But reality is, NO ONE I KNOW CARES!!…

    I also regret my decisions: I announced my wedding date… then months later changed my mind, so I changed it. Then I chose my colour scheme, but the more I looked at wedding things, I changed my mind again.

    Tip: dont go on impulse!! I’m too much like you Titch482, I too have bought a few things that I wont use (=S)

    I agree Viv13, its always nice to see we are human!! I find this topic helpful. I have bad organisationaly skills and fear I’ll forget something. As for the photographer list, Thank goodness my photographer told me to do this, as my 1hours scheduled for photos will be in over time.

    Should I plan more time for photos?????



    im getting married in 2 days (!!!) is Sydney.

    Ive been really decisive all the way through, even if it was with the tiniest detail. On the day your really not going to notice exactly what colour ribbon is around something. I think good food, good wine, good company and an amazing new husband is the order of the day!

    At the end of the day, 2 days out and reflecting; planning has been key. That way im able to enjoy today and tomorrow doing small things rather than being totally stressed about everything. I also made our own bonbonnieres (sp?) and loved doing it, it was really productive and people really do appreciate the effort when ive told them about it.

    We’ve only got 1.5 hours for photos, but i think thats fine. Ive also booked my photographer for longer time period than normal so i can get those pics of family and friends and not have to think about it.

    Im so very excited and wish you all the very best in your planning!


    I am also not married yet but will be next september. I have found that i have been a little bit too prepared. I have even gone to the extreme of buy my flower girl dress earlier because it was cheap and beautiful and was like my wedding dress which I pick up next month. I think i would perfer to be a little bit more easy on the planning. We are very forunate with our photographer as he is my grandad and well the cake thats my grandma and the flowers thats my other grandma. all of these people are very special too me and I am lucky that they are (were) professionals in these things. Also my other little regret is choosing my bridal party early! I have one bridesmaid out of 6 that has made me second guess her. But in the long run she is one fun girl to be around so its not all that bad

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