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    Hey Everyone, 
    I just want to see everyones opinion and see if i should go brideziller on her.
    I have 3 BM so from the day we went shopping for dresses one of my BM said oh my mum can take the dresses up as she does them all the time. So I though great I wont need to pay or worry about it. 
    So last night I sent her a text just to start getting them done. She was then refering that her mum will do HERS. So I asked if she could see if her um can do the other 2. 
    I then got a reply saying there is cheap place near where we live that can do them. 
    I then replyed saying ill get everyone to get them all at the same place that way they are taken up how I want them. 
    Next reply was like Oh jus let me know how you want them taken up as my mum will do mine free. 
    I then said it would be helpful if your mum can do all 3 if she can that way it saves me money. No reply then. 
    Of course im now going to have to pay for all 3 thats not even in my budget. 
    Plus as a friend you would think she would help out. Mind you i have just come out of hospital due to stress.  
    Im so temped to say what i really feel to her. 



    Just a thought, but I wonder if your friend actually ever consulted her mother about taking in all three or any at all. Seems to me she didnt and then when she eventually asked her mum – the mum didn’t have time or whatever and just agreed to do the one. If you’re close to the mum you could talk to her and explain things or see if she will do it for a cheaper rate than retail. Otherwise if you’re really stuck for money you could ask a local university and see if any students will do it (risky?) or you could tell your bridesmaids that you hadnt budgeted for an intake so since you have to now do it you can’t afford another luxury for them – ie nails or take $10 off shoes or whatever you haven’t bought.


    I’m not sure if she asked her mum but even when we picked them up she even told the lady her mums taken them up. 
    I just dont see why a friend cant help me out. 



    It’s not the friend helping you out, it’s her mum. Your friend probably volunteered her mum’s services without thinking about it, her mum then said no, and your friend is backtracking. I don’t think you should say anything to her about it. I don’t think there would be any difference in the way the dresses are taken up, maybe the other girls have a friend or family member who could do it for them? Wouldn’t matter if they were done by 3 different people as long as the length was right. If she said the pther place is cheap, it is probably only $20-25. You could ask your bridesmaids to cover it, unless they are having to pay for everything, they probably won’t mind. Good luck, and try not to stress. xx


    I have to agree, it’s a little unfair for your friend to go back on her words and try to get out of the situation like that.
    I’m sure it’s not a really big deal if her mum would’ve taken up all 3 dresses – it’s not like your’re asking her to tailor your wedding dress and 10 other dresses!
    The fact that you’ve paid for their dresses, plus you’re paying for the reception etc etc it’s the least a friend could do!
    But since that’s how she’s being, don’t stress and just tell her what you think (you will feel better letting your feelings out). Tell her in a nice way, something like “I think it’s a little unfair that you’re going back on your word, it would really be a huge help if your mum could take up the dresses”
    See what she says….


    I had said that it would be rreally helpful if she could do them for me. 
    No answer back pretty much ignored it. 
    I then told them ill pay for them to get taken up and her reply was ohhh thats so nice of you. 
    Only over 2 weeks to go :) 
    I have major issue with her but yet cant talk to her as she always busy or cancels. Only lives just around the corner as well. But I think she treats all her friends like this. 
    The night of the hens she was in such a bad mood and starting giving me attitude that I tlold her straight up to fix herself. Does not help when the MOH and her just dont get along. 
    But now i know after this is all over I wont see her again as she never wants to be around me. I dont even think she calls me a friend. Just pretty much over her. 
    You truely find your true friends when something great happenes like this. 

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