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    Hi everyone :)
    I am recently enagaged and we are planning to be married in 2015 (Due to finances and our home being build this year) and I am very exicted about getting married so even though I wont be getting married until 2015 I would like to have a date so I cant look at venues and make bookings so I cant get good deals and start paying!
    I have always wanted a beach wedding so I have been looking at venues around sydney/Newcastle/Forster area however I really have no idea of a month/date so I am hoping that someone can give me some advice on the best time of year for beach weddings? From what I have seen, September is a popular month for weddings but I am hoping that I could get married in an off-peak season as it will be cheaper and maybe not SO busy at the beach but I am not sure of what the weather is like in off-peak seasons?
    I am obviously happy to pay to have the wedding in the peak season for better weather but the more we save on the wedding the more we have for the honeymoon :)
    Any advice is very much appreciated!
    Cheers, Bec


    hey Bec !!! congrats to you !! 2015 is also our year so now we can both say… we are getting married NEXT year !!! lol
    i was the same… i wanted an actual date just so we had something to work towards… otherwise knowing my guy, it would have been 2015 and we would have gone “oh that’s right we were going to get married this year… but never got a date… oh well… another year i guess !” hahaha
    i HATE winter but FH says winter has the clearest days w/ little rain… so you would have a better chance of getting nice weather as opposed to the wet season… i think April, September and October are popular wedding months… so if it’s about saving some $$$ and picking a low season… how about early May or late August ?
    i’m not from down there but guessing it’s a few degrees colder… have some fires @ the reception would make a nice cosy atmosphere…
    winter is also MUCH quieter @ the beach but the days are still super nice !
    hope this helps : ) and congrats again : ))



    Thanks Lyss that does help and congrats to you also!!!
    I agree! I’m glad that we are now in 2014 so I can start saying we are getting married next year, it sounded too far away before!! Lol
    I know exactly what you mean about having to set a date, my fiancé proposed on our 10yr anniversary so I decided that we were not going to have to long of an engagement otherwise we would never get married!!! Hahaha Though I must say, he proposed on the beach so that kind of made up for the wait : ) lol
    I don’t live near the beach so I was really unsure of what was a good month to get married in that wasn’t peak so your advice has really helped, thank you!! : )
    Because my family will all have to travel approx 5-6 hours I am trying to pick a date when they will be able to take leave and stay away from Easter and not close to Christmas etc so I’m thinking late August maybe good : )
    Have you chosen your date or where you would like to get married?



    We’re going to be getting married off-peak in Autumn because we both love that season, and we’ll be choosing dresses and venues etc. appropriate for the season (which in Melbourne can be very upredictable) but for a beach wedding weather will be a huge factor for you.
    If you can find a place that is public beach, run by the council or perhaps someone that owns a private property on the beach who is willing to allow you to use the land; this may assist you in saving costs.
    The best seasons for a beach wedding would obviously be summer or spring, though summer could lead to some nasty sunburn and providing sunscreen, shelter and water are must.
    Look for non-traditional wedding venues such as restaurants for your reception to reduce costs, venues may not charge on-peak prices if their main purpose is not to host weddings.
    Hope that helps!


    Hey Bec,
    Hope I’m not too late but as soon as you mentioned about having a beach wedding, one place kept springing into mind. Do you know about Pearl Beach in the Central Coast NSW? Its my most favourite beach so far (my husband proposed to me there) and it has a restaurant that holds functions for up to 60ppl just across from the beach. We were going to get married there but my family are all from Sydney and I come from a big family so there was no way I could fit them in that restaurant. But if you were looking to have a beach wedding with around 60 ppl, I would highly recommend it! It is not a busy beach even in peak season due to its location and you could always look into getting accomodation nearby with many people having holiday rentals nearby the venue and the beach.
    The website is Pearls on the beach | Pearls on the beach



    Hi HappyG & Pocaot : )
    Those are great tips thank you! We still haven’t decided on a date yet but am still thinking around August or September but due to September being peak season we may save by going the end of August.
    HappyG I was also thinking that summer would be the best time for the wedding however also the busiest and like you said, sunburn is also a factor (which I didn’t think of thank you!) and increased possibility of rain? I like the idea of a non-traditional venue for the reception! I will have a look around : )
    Pocadot, I will check out Pearl Beach, it sounds exactly what I’m looking. I am really trying to stay away from popular beaches and I don’t think I’ll have no more than 60 guests so that restaurant will also suit!
    Thanks for the help ladies, VERY APPRECIATED! And CONGRATULATIONS to you both : )


    THe idea of having a wedding on an off-peak season is actually great. That means a bit peaceful beach with maybe less than a hundred near the area of your wedding ceremony. How about between March to May? It’s autumn by that time so people are seen in  the parks more than the beach. Plus i think it’s the perfect weather for a ceremony. It’s neither hot nor cold. :)



    Something that is coming into fashion these days are welcome gift-bags, you either put one on each chair or have someone hand them out as people enter the ceremony. Usually they’re themed gifts and serve as little thank-you’s. It also means you don’t have as much work cut out for you pre-arranging the tables at the restaurant and ensuring they put all the gifts out (as a lot of restaurants may not offer the extra wedding services)
    For example, if your wedding is winter it might have some mittens and a scarf with your monogram and hot-chocolate mix in a faux-fur lined bag. For a beach wedding you may have a towel, water bottle, little umbrella/parasol or sunglasses and travel-size sunscreen in a beach-bag. If your wedding was Japanese-themed you may have a little kimono-style dressing gown and fan and japanese sweets. etc. It helps set the theme and get everyone looking involved in the photos, as well as provide practical gifts.
    I’d also suggest an insert in your invitation that encourages people to slip, slop, slap and  bring extra hydration and maybe some bathers (especially if they’re bringing kids).
    Save costs by choosing beaches that the locals love, I know from experience that anything targeted towards tourists will inflate the price. Do your research by asking around and finding out where people go for a quiet swim away from tourists.

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