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    Hi ladies,
    My wedding has been brought forward to October this year (Was originally going to be October 2015 – We sadly have close relatives on both sides of the family battling with Cancer and really want them there with us on the day, so have made the decision to bring it forward.)
    The only problem is I’m having so much trouble picking a venue, and I only have a few weeks to pick one! We already have a lot of our suppliers organised, and have done things a bit backwards haha. As October is only 9 months away our suppliers are needing dates so they don’t book out, so the hunt for the perfect and cost effective venue is on!
    I love the Veale Gardens / Adelaide Pavilion as the roses tie perfectly in with our theme and everthing is all in the one location, but the wedding coordinator seems uninterested and unresponsive in most cases and also their prices don’t really include anything other then the food and room hire (which we wanted a buffet anyway…) We also have to pay nearly $300 to have the ceremony in the gardens and again nothing is supplied so we would have to outsource everything, adding extra costs.
    I like the look of the Belair Country Club too and their prices are great and include a lot of extra’s (Pretty much everything taken care of!), but golf isn’t really our thing and it comes across as more ‘vintage’ in photo’s, whereas our theme is more modern and our main focus is roses, red, black, more of an elegant feel.
    I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and torn. I’ve thought about using a location near the Veale gardens so I can use the gardens for photo ops, but haven’t really been able to find a nice venue near by.. I wish I could justify the price and added extra’s for the Veale Gardens / Adelaide Pavilion venue! but we just simply can’t afford it. 
    We have approx 85 guests inc. our bridal party.
    Any suggestions on venues would be great!
    Thanks girls :) xx


    Hi Jessica,
    Gosh Veale Gardens / Adelaide Pavilion is a stunning venue isnt it! Sad that they dont have an all inclusive package, as they do look like the kind of venue that would.
    The Chifley on South Terrace (if you google them under ‘Images’ you will see some wedding images) is nearby the Veale Gardens. Just enquire on whether they have packages and any specials for October. Are you having a daytime wedding? Sometimes if available, daytime weddings work out lesser than night time as it is less popular among brides but would be something different to the usual night functions.
    Hope you find a venue you love!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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