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    I have been with my partner for 8 years and we have talked about our future together a lot. He constantly tells me we will get married. I always hear it will happen soon. It will be sooner than you think. It won’t be long now. I have been hearing this for over a year. 
    There is always reasons. He wanted to wait until he had a permanent job, that’s done.
    until we bought a house, that’s done.
    We can’t get engaged now my friend just did.
    This last excuse drove me crazy!!! We had talked about getting married this Dec on the day we moved in to our house last year which is also my grandparents anniversary. He said he was happy with this a few months ago but the other night I mentioned that to plan a wedding it takes time and I don’t feel comfortable planning it without being engaged first. He then said what’s the rush we aren’t getting married til next Dec. This is not what we had discussed so I asked him why and he said that we can’t get married before his friend that just got engaged!!!!
    I don’t understand! I tried to explain to him that our wedding has nothing to do with theirs but he refused to discuss it any more.
    i feel like my wedding has been snatched away for no reason. He is ready to marry me and we have started our lives together so why is he now changing him mind!!
    I know I am becoming a bitter and angry person because of this which I hate and it’s not me. I just want to start our lives together……
    Any advice on not becoming a bitter bi**h?



    I think you need to be honest with him and tell him you want to get married and that he needs to tell you when that’s going to happen.
    After doing that, try investing in yourself and make him see what he’ll miss out on if he doesn’t put a ring on it 😉



    Hi Belle,
    If I can offer any advice, it is to not talk about it to him…AT ALL!
    If he is anything like my fiance, or that of most of my friends who were in a similar situation with their then boyfriends, they want to surprise you with a proposal! How can they possibly do it though, if we are talking about it all the time?
    A friend and I made a pact that we would try not to talk about weddings, proposals etc with our boyfriends for a month and a half. We spoke to eachother, our sisters, mums & other girlfriends, but never our boyfriends during that time. We were both engaged before that time was up!
    Try it & see! Good luck!



    Thanks Tanya
    That is a good idea. I have been trying that for about a week so ill keep going and hopefully something will change!!
    I might annoy everyone else around me but they will have to deal! Hehe that’s what friends are for!
    I’ll keep you posted!



    Hi Belle17
    I can’t be able to tell how you really feel, it’s pretty hard to be on your shoes. But I agree with @alsgirl invest in yourself, time will come He will then realize It’s about time to put on a ring on that finger and get married.
    Best of Wishes ! Cheers !


    Best advice dont talk about marriage wedding engagement any more i was starting toget like you and weve been together 9 years nearly with 2 kids a hosue and stable jobs. Ive just left it aone and guys are so hard to figure out so when you least expect it it will happen. He obviously wants to msrry he bought a house with you same as mine weve done everything backwards bought the hosue had 2 boys and now is the tie we wanna get married. Its not cheap though either im at uni studyng to be a teacher and FH is supporting me with this. I know its really hard to not think about it so chat to all of us instead coz im pretty sure we’re all in the same boat. Best of luck and stay positive xxxxx :)



    So I didn’t bring it up for about a month and tonight he proposed!!! He said he has wanted to since the day he met me and because we had stopped talking about it he felt ready to do it!!! Yay!!!
    I’m over the moon! I can’t sit still I’m so excited!


    Congrats…how did he do it!



    Shutting it up does work, it seems. Ok, I’m seriously not breathing a word to him for as long as humanly possible!
    So tell us, how/where/what’s your sparkly look like? 😀



    AHHHHHH!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So excited for you! ^^^ that’s my excited typing 😀 😀 😀 

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