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    Ty Pryor

    With the latest government reports showing that the average Aussie wedding will now cost you a WHOPPING $35k, it’s no wonder couples are now looking for savvy and easy ways to save money. Of course, here at WDD, saving dollars on our wedding days is what we are all about!

    So we’ve compiled a list of these super easy 7 ways you too can pocket some extra cashola too without blowing the budget.

    1/ Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help

    It’s not often what you know, it’s who you know within so many industries, including the wedding industry, so don’t be afraid to ask around!
    Does a friend of a friend know a celebrant, a dj, caterer or a minister who could perform the nuptials? Or maybe some extended relatives or relatives of a friend own a florist who could assist with the floral displays? You may have a friend who is a talented singer/songwriter who could play at a reduced cost, or maybe even free. It’s personal, more intimate and saves having to dish out the big bucks for pro’s.

    2/ Keep your eyes peeled for the sales season

    We are a little bias here at WDD, because we LOVE a good sale, but the sooner you start to plan your wedding, the sooner you are likely to snag a few deals.
    Within 2-3 months of planning a wedding, you should be aware of the the majority of costs and items that will be involved on the day, so hold off making a buy on any items you know will most likely be sold in sales that retailers often hold leading up to a particular month, or season.

    3/ Sign up to / Use rewards points systems

    Joining a rewards point systems often allows you discounts across multiple retailers and not just the one where you received the card. This can also apply to credit cards that reward you each time you make a purchase and the likelihood of your credit card being used to pay for your wedding is high.

    Use this to your benefit and look for certain retailers that will accept your points card for regular purchases you make throughout the year. These can equate the hundreds of dollars saved when staying at hotels for your honeymoon, or using your frequent flyer mile points to get you there..

    4/ Use leverage

    Wedding vendors and other services can juggle as many as four brides per weekend, especially between April and October and errors aren’t all that uncommon.
    So if your vendor makes a mistake, remember that you have leverage. There’s no need to throw a tantrum, but don’t be a pushover either.
    Hesitate before moving forward with the vendor, and gently express the fact that you’re dissatisfied and may have to go elsewhere. All too often they will be willing to negotiate to keep you as a client. After all, for them, getting paid something is better than getting paid nothing, so they are usually up for dropping some decent money to keep you around.

    5/ Work with your vendors

    The wedding business is filled with partnerships. Venues refer brides to certain clients, and clients refer brides to certain venues in return. So you should always ask if a venue has a list of “preferred vendors,” and if you like them, use them, because there’s a good chance you’ll get a good deal.

    6/ Don’t offer endless alcohol options.

    This is also a good tip for keeping yourself and your guests respectable. Often, most guest will enjoy a basic beer or wine, so hire a few kegs, grab a few cheap bottle of plonk and let the guest pay for anything else they may need.

    7/ Know what you DON’T Need.

    This means, have a plan and don’t let spontaneous or emotionally based purchases bring up the cost of your wedding. By having a plan or a set budget, you align yourself with making only the necessary purchases and not allowing things to get out of hand.

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