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    Is it actually possible to have a $10,000 wedding? This is including rings, ceremony and honeymoon… My fiancé and I want to have a cheaper wedding because we’re saving for a house as well so the less money spent on the wedding, the more money towards the house. But I wrote up a basic budget the other day and we are on our way to a $20,000 wedding, which is just too much! How can I cut things down? 
    I’ve put a $1,000 limit on my wedding dress, a $800 budget on the photographer, and to cut costs (and because we want an intimate wedding) we’ve decided to cut out the reception and instead take our immediate families out for dinner, which will cost no more than $2,000. But everything else seems so expensive! A brides and bridesmaids bouquet will cost a total of $300, hiring somewhere for the ceremony only can cost $1,000, rings will cost thousands and so will the honeymoon. I’m going to DIY the save-the-dates and invitations to save money, and I have a friend of a friend who offered to make the cake for the cost of ingredients,  but costs keep going up and up. How do I cut this down?


    It might be possible, especially if you are a bargain hunter, and a little bit creative!
    (Apologies in advance for the super long post).
    For the dinner, you could arrange an alternate drop set menu with the restuaruant, that shouldn’t be too expensive, depending on if you want to pay for your guests’ drinks.
    Would you consider buying flowers in bulk from a flower market and making your own bouquets? You could probably get allt he flowers you need for around $100 maximum, even less if you were going with seasonal flowers.  This would really only work with the more informal, looser-tied styles though, unless you were really good at arranging flowers, and had the time to wire the stems.  Alternatively you could look on Gumtree or eBay for “used” real touch bouquets.
    My fiance and I got our rings from Michael Hill in one of their big sales just before Christmas for $800 (we saved over $1200), you could get plain bands for even less, and then decide on your 5 or 10 year anniversary to get new bands if you really wanted.
    Depending on where you live, it shouldn’t cost any more than around $500 for a celebrant (if you are paying more than this, you are likely getting ripped off, unless you chose a super-popular date or something).
    There are SO MANY new and unworn dresses on sites like stillwhite.com.au, Easy Weddings pre-loved gowns section, and even eBay, that you can pick up for an amazing price, just because somone has changed venues, or cancelled their wedding etc. 
    Brandsexclsuive.com.au is having a wedding sale starting at midday today, with dresses, jewellery, veils etc. 
    Look on Groupon Travel for deals on your honeymoon. Check airline websites on Tuesday and Wednesday for flights, as this is generally when they are cheapest.
    Sign up to receive emails from Vistaprint. I get a discount code almost every week.
    If you are having a long dress, no need for super-expensive shoes. Go with something you already own thats comfortable but nice.  Borrow a family member’s pearls, or diamond earrings (something old, something borrowed right there :))
    Learn how to do a sock bun, its an elegant, super easy hairstyle you can do yourself (so you save $$$ on a hairdresser). Find makeup styles you like, and start practising replicating them (take photos to make sure it looks ok in pictures).
    I would say, the ONLY thing you shouldn’t scrimp on is the photographer. They are one vendor where you truly get what you pay for.
    Hope this helps x


    Hi Little Poss, thanks for the ideas! I already have my shoes, $40 off eBay which I bought to wear to a friends wedding then thought they would be cute to wear to mine as well, so no money spent there. I’ve also decided we don’t need a limo or fancy car, and because there’s no reception that cuts out centrepieces, dj, Photobooth, etc. I have no idea how to make my own bouquet, but I will check out those websites and see. My fiancé has given me permission to get the dress new because its a big part of the wedding, and I don’t want to skimp on the photographer either. My father will be marrying us but since he’s not a celebrant we are going to the registry office first ($300) so he can do the whole ceremony without interruptions. I think I’ll consider doing my own make up but I will need my hair done. I’m hopeless with hair. I think I’ll see if I can find a friend of a friend… My rings are pretty average, we’re getting my engagement ring, wedding and eternity band made as a set for $2,500/3,000. However my fiancé wants a platinum wedding band and they seem to cost a couple thousand each. I’m happy to pay this because originally he didn’t want to wear a ring at all so if he’s willing to wear one then I’m willing to buy the one he wants… And I am a vistaprint member, I plan on creating my own save-the-dates then uploading the image next time they send out the free deals and buying magnetic business cards. But everything just seems to be adding up and I can’t tell where I’m going wrong… I thought I had been very crafty in cutting down costs…


    The costs do add up really quickly!  My man and I are planning a very average (not super-swanky, nice but not over the top) do for 80 people. We originally hoped for $15,000 but now we are just under $25k, and I don’t even know where all the money goes lol!
    If I was allowed, I would totally be buying bunches of flowers from Coles the morning of my wedding, trimming the stems and wrapping them in ribbon


    absolutely its possible! we budgeted for a wedding that cost no more than $7000, and with everything added up so far, we’re wayyyyyyy UNDER budget.. yep that includes rings too!Ebay is the best advice that i can give any other bride! its crazy the savings i got from there! all our centrepieces for our tables only cost $2 each! (on the plus side for us, both sets of our parents wanted to contribute, so in actual fact, the only things my partner and i are paying for are the rings, dress and transport.to break it down for you we spent -engagement party $200 -dress $180 (dinodirect.com) -tiara jewlery for myself and Bm’s $200 -transport $950 (weddingnthings.com.au)
     -venue hire $50 (drung golfclub) -catering $500 (e bennett catering -)church/celebrant $300 (uniting church) -flowers $300 -Decorations $300 (DIY) -Gifts for attendnts $200 -Rings $3500….easy as that.. we were wayyyy under budget!!! and our honeymoon only really is the cost of flights, as we will be staying at vareous holiday houses owned by family and friends that are in new zeland.


    Hi Leesa, I actually read your recommendation to DinoDirect in a different thread and went and checked it out. I found a couple dresses that are similar to what I want for less than $300, and I told my fiance I was happy to have a not-quite-perfect dress for cheaper if it means cutting down on costs, but he told me that the dress is a big part of the wedding and I deserve to have my dream dress if it’s less than $1,000 and that we could save money elsewhere. Where is your church? I really want to get married in a stone church/chapel, and I’m having trouble finding one in Melbourne! I loved Elizabethan Lodge, but they don’t hire out the chapel on its own, and when I looked at other churches they are suggesting $1,000 to hire it out for a wedding, and often expect us to do a pre-marriage course.
    We’re not having a reception, so no centrepieces, no bonbonierre, no decorations, no transport, and we’re not having an engagement party. So if you’re having all of that for less than $7,000 then how is it I’m going over?
    So far this is the average cost of my budget:
    Registry office $300
    Ceremony $450-1,000
    Dinner $2,000
    Bride’s rings $2,500-3,000
    Groom’s ring $2,500-3,000
    Honeymoon ?? (We had wanted Europe but I don’t think we can afford that now!)
    Wedding night $200
    Photographer $800
    Cake $200
    Wedding dress $1,000 (the one I like is $700 but I’m rounding up to include alterations)
    Bride bouquet $200 (artificial)
    Bridesmaid bouquet $100 (artificial)
    Bride hair & make-up $150 (Hairhouse Warehouse and The Body Shop)
    Save-the-dates $30 (Vistaprint)
    Invitations $100 (DIY)
    Bride nails & Waxing $120
    Car ribbons $10 ($2 shop)
    Already that’s over $12,000 and that’s not including suit hire for Groom and Pageboy (my son) or gifts for two attendants (both mine, my fiance isn’t having any attendants) plus presents for our parents, hair and make-up for my bridesmaid (which may be my gift) and whatever extras I need…. And there’s still no honeymoon in there! Help! How can I cut this down?



    Hate to say it because I know they are important to you, but the obvious place (to me) to cut down is the rings :( Also, what are the costs of the ceremony? Venue hire? Maybe that could be reduced if you just went for a park or something. But again, I know that isn’t what you want. With suit hire, I was shocked how expensive it was! There isn’t many options here, but to ge the colour we want (grey) was going to be $190! And that was a really ugly old-fashioned suit (in my opinion). It ended up being only slightly more ($230) for the boys to buy pants and a vest from Roger David. We decided not to do jackets to save money. Overall, you’ve done a really good job cutting costs! I can’t imagine the stress of having to do that! Is there any way you could save more? Oh, for the honeymoon – why not have a honeymoon registry? Or, you could ask people to pay for their own meal in leiu of a gift?


    Hi Bec, unfortunately I don’t think we can cut costs of the rings. My ring is way under budget, my fiance was happy to spend a little over $3,000, so I’m happy it probably won’t be more than $2,500. But like I said, my fiance never wanted to wear a ring, so to make him happier about wearing one I’m happy to get him the one he wants. Unfortunately he wants platinum, so I have to spend a fair bit on that. And as for the ceremony, I’ve always wanted to get married in a stone chapel. I’m only getting married the once, and I know there aren’t many things I’m fussed about but I really want the stone chapel, and unfortunately it could cost anywhere between $450 and $1,000. However my dad did say he would pay some money so I’m hoping he’ll cover the ceremony venue and the reception. I don’t know what we’ll do with the suits but we’re not really fussed, just a plain black one will do. however my fiance is going to have an emerald green shirt so we’ll have to have that tailor made.
    And we’re not asking for any gifts, so we won’t be having a registry at all. I really don’t know how to cut costs any more without cutting out those few things we really really want for it to the the perfect day. Sigh… I think we may need to sit down with my parents and ask exactly how much they’ll be contributing, whether it will be just the ceremony and reception or whether they’ll contribute a certain amount. I just feel bad about bringing it up because we wanted to be able to have the wedding on our own and I don’t want to seem like I’m asking for money. I think the only way we could have the perfect wedding on our own is to just have a registry wedding.


    Hi ladies, so since last night I have sent my budget mock-up to my fiancé and discussed how much it’s costing so far and how we can cut costs without cutting out things. I told him I’m literally trying to stick to basics and anything we don’t need or desperately want isn’t included. He has come back and said to forget his ring, he will just wear a really cheap one. I’m so upset about this. I really want him to have the ring he wants, he deserves to have the ring he wants. He’s doing so much with the wedding to make me happy. He never wanted a wedding, and he doesn’t like chapels but he’s giving me all of it because he knows I’ve always dreamed of my wedding and he wants me to have the perfect day. He’s being so selfless, the only thing he wanted was the platinum ring and now he’s giving that up as well. This isn’t fair! I don’t know what to do. I told him I want him to have his ring and he said that since we don’t have much money we will often not get what we want and if we can’t afford it then we can’t have it…. Can somebody please help me win the lottery so my selfless man can have the only part of the wedding he wants?


    Hi Emeraldbride, 
    Your future hubby sounds lovely! Weddings create  so much happiness but stress as well. Have you considered maybe getting his wedding band on interest free? I know no one wants to go into debt for their wedding but maybe you might be able to save to pay for it after the wedding and your FH can have the ring he would like. I’m about to start looking at wedding bands myself & hopefully we can have something we both like within our budget. 

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