Wedding plan fails you should try to avoid

Weddings are wonderful but can also be stressful. We have provided some planning fails that hopefully you can avoid.

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Not Budgeting Enough – Consider playing it safe and have a cushion fund for your wedding in case things go over or not to plan. If you are lucky and everything goes to plan consider the stash a nice rainy day fund

Give Yourself Time – be kind to yourself and make sure you give yourself ample time to prepare for all that needs to be done for your special day. It is a very big job trying to organise all the things that need to fall in place on one single day.

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Does the Venue Stack up – before you were engaged you may have already visualised your wedding venue but when it comes down to actually going through with the venue make sure it is exactly what you want. Ask yourself , is the menu suitable, will your guests to be comfortable, will your wedding theme suit the venue.

Consider your Guest List – when planning your reception make sure you think about your guest list and if the style of reception will be suitable for the age groups attending.

Randoms on the Guest List – We all know mums and dads mean well and want the whole world to celebrate when their child is getting married but it is probably a good idea to make sure the wedding invite list does not get out of control and only invite people you know personally.

Asking for help – Planning a wedding is a huge feat on your own and it is nice to ask for help from well meaning family and friends, however make sure your wedding plans do not consume all of yours and their time otherwise you may have relationship strain on your hands.

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Plan Plan Plan – if you want your wedding to stay well organised and flow beautifully then planning your time for the day is essential. Pass the timetable on to the bridal party, reception venue and other organisers so everyone is on the same page.

Not spending time with your guests – everyone wants to have their moment with the bride and groom and yes the day will literally fly by but it is important to remember to try and spend some time with each guest even if it is a quick hello or thank you, at least you show that you appreciate them being there celebrating with you.

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Newlywed Quality time – even though you will be pulled and pushed in a hundred different directions on the day remember that some alone time with just you and your new husband at the reception is essential so you can soak up all the wonderful things about being newlyweds.

by Wedding Club


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