How To Propose… According To Someone Who Speaks To Grooms Every Day

6 things guys need to know to pick a ring she won't be able to turn down.

by Rebecca Hanley

If you’re a guy who’s bagged a pretty awesome girl, chances are eventually you’ll want to put the relationship in lockdown. Yep, we’re talking about putting a ring on it and making things official between you and your GF, till death do you part. And first up, you need to ask her! Of course, if she loves you and you two are in a great relationship, chances are she’ll say a big fat ‘YES’, but an awesome proposal – and an amazing engagement ring – won’t hurt to tip the chances in your favour!

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Note: wharf prop not necessary for proposal (although it will probably help). Image: @romantic_t.tklash/Instagram

And who better to ask for tips on how to propose, than someone who sees nervous grooms-to-be all day long! We spoke to Larsen Jewellery jeweller Sarah Gibson, who helps guys pick engagement rings for a living – and convinced her to spill what all guys should consider before popping the big Q. Here are her top six tips:

1) Look for hints
“It’s likely that if you’re ready to start shopping for the perfect ring, then your girlfriend has already been wondering when you’ll get down on one knee and propose! In which case, she may already be dropping hints. Look for evidence lying around pointing you in the right direction; magazines left open to a certain page, a new screen saver, or browse through her Instagram or Pinterest page for clues.”

2) What does she wear?
“Take note of what colour metal your she wears: is it yellow gold, rose gold or white gold/silver? Also take a look at what style of jewellery she wears – does she prefer fine and elegant jewellery, or big, bold statement pieces?”

3) Think about the stone
“Does she have her heart set on a coloured gemstone? If not, you can never go wrong with a white diamond – they are the elegant and timeless.”

4) Phone a friend
“Enlist the help of your girlfriend’s mother, sister or best friend. Chances are they’ve already been filled in on exactly what she wants, making them your priceless resource in guaranteeing you get the right ring.”

5) Just ask her
“If you’re still not confident that you’ll make the right choice, either ask her casually in conversation what styles she likes.”

6) Propose with a loose stone
“If you want the proposal to be a surprise, you can also consider proposing with a pseudo ring, or a loose stone. Many guys who are not 100% confident will purchase a diamond, and then following the proposal the couple will come in and design the engagement ring together.”

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by Rebecca Hanley


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