Eight tips for Successful Seating Arrangements

Some great tips to help you with your seating plan if you choose to have one.

by Wedding Club

  1. Guests feel that the closest they are seated to the bridal table, the greater the honour so make sure to consider this in your seating arrangements so as to not upset anyone you feel would be hurt by this
  2. PinterestImage: Richard Belson
    Image: Richard Belson
  3.  If you invite your Celebrant or Church leader to the reception ensure they are seated at an ‘honourable’ table. Most likely one of the bride or groom’s parents tables particularly if they are known the the family.
  4. PinterestImage: A Timeless Love
    Image: A Timeless Love
  5. Ensure you do not set aside one table just for people who don’t fit anywhere else for some reason – it’s not polite and may make them feel like the proverbial “fifth wheel”. Try to mix all your guests together.
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    Image: Pinterest
  7. Nowadays the tradition of male/female alternate seating is not as important. It is better to keep everyone happy than worry about this tradition.
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    Image: Stone Crandall Photography
  9. It is important to not ignore any dramas that may affect your seating plan – recent separations or divorces, feuding friends, or any other combination that may cause awkward situations.
  10. PinterestImage: Wed Magazine
    Image: Wed Magazine
  11. If you are having children at your wedding reception consider devoting some space for a children’s play area. Another possibility is to employ a child care professional for the duration so both you and their parents can relax and enjoy the evening.
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    Image: Pinterest
  13. Draw up a simple seating plan and display near the entrance so guests do not have to wander around every table looking for their place card
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    Image: Pinterest
  15. Finally, you may choose not to have a seating plan. If this is your style then let guests know this warmly by writing ‘come as you are, stay as long as you can, we’re all family, so no seating plan”, or “now that we are together, we ask you to sit wherever”. This sign can look just as beautiful and personalised as your table plan would be.
  16. No seating plan sign

by Wedding Club


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