Where to Buy a Wedding Ring

Buy a wedding ring Getting hitched? It’s no secret that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And when it comes to choosing your wedding rings, it may take a little while for you to decide what you want. Gold? White gold? Platinum? A mix? How many karats will your wedding ring have and what stones or engravings would you like? Don’t forget that you’re going to be wearing your wedding ring all the time, so you’ll want something that’s comfortable and that’s not going to get in the way of your daily activities. And contrary to popular belief, your wedding rings don’t necessarily have to match!

Wedding Ring Sizes

Wedding Rings Australia The best way to size your wedding ring is to visit a local jeweller or use a measurement chart and a piece of string. It’s important to remember that your fingers will swell in heat and other times throughout the year, so you’ll need to allow for some room when determining your size. As a rule, make sure you size your wedding ring when you are calm and when your body is at its normal temperature. Never size wedding rings in the morning or after you’ve finished exercising.

In Australia, ring sizes are based on an A-Z alphabetical system and involve half sizes as well, e.g. your wedding ring might be a size J or a size J½ (this measurement system is also the same in New Zealand, UK and Ireland).

Note: Ring sizes are not universal. If you end up buying rings online from an international supplier, you will need to figure out your ring size according to the country’s individual measurement system.

Shopping for Wedding Rings

Tips on Buying Wedding Rings Depending on what type of wedding you’re having, you can either shop for your wedding rings as a couple or you can shop for your partner’s wedding ring individually. If you’re quite short on time, it can be useful to search for jewellers and particular styles online and then visit the stores to view the rings in person.

Ensure you start your wedding ring shopping early, especially if you want any particular stone sets, styles or engravings, and go in with a particular budget in mind. White or yellow Gold are usually the most popular choices for wedding rings. Platinum Gold can also look spectacular, and it’s more durable but also more expensive.

Plain gold bands can be easy to find, but if the supplier does not have your ring size in stock, it will need to be ordered or made, which can take weeks or months, particularly if diamonds or other stones are involved.


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