Wedding Photographers in Australia

How do you want to remember your wedding day? With traditional shots? Crazy pics? Perfect poses or lots of behind the scenes fun?

Having a professional wedding photographer is essential in creating (and remembering!) your special wedding day. Great wedding photographers will generally work with you leading up to the event and help you decide exactly what type of style and imagery you want for your photos.

Choosing a Photography Style

Find Wedding photographers Choosing the right photography style is just as important as all of the other elements that go towards making your wedding incredible.

Where possible, you should ensure that your wedding photos match both your wedding style and your personality as a bride and groom. If you’re a fun loving couple, for instance, with an informal wedding in mind, would you be better off having a casual wedding photographer who can take walk around and take lots of fun, spur-of-the-moment shots, as well as a few official photos? If your wedding is going to be traditional, however, you may want to choose a photography style that’s highly formal and artistic, with posed positions and lots of guidance on the day from the wedding photographer.

Whatever you choose, make sure you communicate your desired style to your wedding photographers so that they understand exactly what you want. Bear in mind that it can also be nice to have a combination of both stylised and casual photos, too. If it helps, put together your own photography shot-list to help you decide what types of photos you want on the day.

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer Australia Once you’ve decided on a particular photography style, choosing a photographer for your wedding is the next step. Look for a wedding photographer who has lots of experience shooting weddings in the style you want. Then spend some time getting to know the wedding photographers in person before you decide – this will give you an idea of the photographer’s personality, so that you can determine if they’re going to be right for your wedding.

If you’re keen on a casual, spontaneous style, you won’t want a photographer who is going to be too pushy and bossy. But if you’re after conventional photos, you’ll want to find a wedding photographer who knows how to position and direct people, as well as take stunning shots.

Your wedding day is super special, so ensure you choose a photographer for your wedding who fits in with your ideas and personalities, and you’ll avoid any unnecessary clashes on the day.

Searching For a Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers in Australia Many photographers can be easily found by searching online or talking to friends and family to see if they have any wedding photographers they would recommend. Ensure that you view samples of the photographer’s past work, review any testimonies and get a complete quote of their fees, including equipment, processing, editing and travel expenses. If your wedding is going to be big, you may also want to look for companies who can supply more than one wedding photographer on the day; this means that the principal photographer can work on your official photos, while the other can photograph friends and family as they mingle.


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