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Wedding gowns and dresses Australia When it comes to wedding gowns and bridal gowns, shopping around for the right one can be a really fun tasks especially if you take along a couple of your bridesmaids or your family. While it’s great to visit a few different wedding gown suppliers around town, doing some basic research first will help you decide what style of dress you want. Most wedding gown suppliers will have a range of styles in stock, so it’s important to have an idea of what you’re after before you buy.



Wedding Gowns and Their Styles

Wedding gown style ideas Understanding the different styles of bridal gowns will help streamline your shopping – you’ll be able to communicate exactly what you like and more importantly, you’ll know what to keep an eye out for, especially when it comes to choosing something that fits with your body shape.

Empire: Empire gowns have a raised waistline that sits beneath the bust, with the rest of the dress flowing to the hem and flaring slightly. Wide straps and a square neckline are common with these wedding gowns and are great for creating the illusion of a fuller bust. Light fabrics like silk, chiffon and lace work well with empire gowns and these dresses can suit most body shapes.

A-Line: These gowns hug the bodice and then flow out seamlessly to the floor, creating the shape of an “A”. A-Line dresses are hugely versatile and work well with most wedding settings, and are flattering on most body shapes. Contemporary brides, however, can also choose to trim the A-Line gown so that it cuts off around the knees. Light fabrics will help create a soft, flowing look with the A-Line, while heavier fabrics will give your body outline more structure. A-Line dresses go well with most body types, but if you want to bring out your curves, go with a mermaid or more fitted style.

Mermaid: Ideal for accentuating your curves, Mermaid or Fishtail gowns fit slimly around the entire body and then flow out from the knees, like a mermaid’s tail. These dresses are sexy, stylish and seductive, but can be combined with sleeves if you prefer a more formal look. The mermaid wedding gown is best for brides with hourglass or slim figures and for those who will feel cool and confident in such a tight-fitting dress.

Ball Gown: Ball gowns are the perfect, fairytale wedding gown. If you’re unsure, just think of Cinderella. This dress usually features a fitted bodice, accompanied by a full skirt. These bridal gowns are best suited to formal weddings, and are perfect for accentuating a small waist and hiding everything underneath it. That said, ball gowns are extremely versatile, working well with a range of sleeves, necklines, veils and trains and can generally accommodate any body shape. Some ball gowns can be quite heavy so keep this in mind when you’re trying them on.

Column/Sheath: Column dresses flow narrowly down the body from head to toe and work well for those with confident, slimmer figures. The column dress is a very contemporary dress and generally works well for modern, non-traditional brides. Again, it’s also very versatile; a strapless column dress can be seen as sexy and fun, while adding sleeves and a veil or train can create a more conventional, romantic look. Hourglass and rectangular body shapes work well with column wedding gowns. If you find it detracts from your figure, adding a simple belt or sash can help you maintain a more curvaceous look.


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