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Wedding venues in Australia Finding the ideal wedding venue is key to creating a fun and successful wedding and there are lots of choices for a wedding venue, so many choices it can be overwhelming!

The best place to start when it comes to wedding venues is to decide on a location. Will you be having your wedding in your home town? Or do you want to choose a wedding venue that can double up as a holiday spot, such as a beach or an island? Once you’ve chosen a location, you’ll also need to decide what type of wedding and reception you want – do you want it to be outdoors or indoors? In the country or in a vineyard? In a historical building or in a modern hall? There are hundreds of wedding venues to choose from and your decision will depend on the style of wedding you want to create.

Wedding Venues & Themes

Wedding theme ideas Where possible, ensure that you match your wedding venue to your wedding theme. For example, if you’re going for a casual, fun ceremony followed by an island-themed reception, a wedding set by the beach or alongside a lake will probably suit best. Alternatively, if you’re holding a traditional event with the ceremony in a church, choosing a formal setting for your reception, like a hotel function room, can work well. If you’re getting married in the country, a renovated barn could be the perfect wedding venue choice and your settings can include rustic furniture and even bales of hay for guests to sit on.


Wedding Venues – Some Tips

  • Browsing through wedding venues is a big job and it’s best to choose something that you feel is going to fit right from the start, rather than finding something that has to be completely “transformed” to fit with your vision. If your wedding is a little bit vintage, for instance, choosing a modern museum space and then trying to decorate it won’t work; instead, choose a vintage venue – like a converted warehouse or a sandstone building – to suit your style.
  • Making sure your wedding venue is right for you is about more than just looks.. Food, drinks, speeches, entertainment, dance floors and music all need to be taken into account. Will your wedding be cocktail style or sit-down? Will you have waitstaff serving drinks or will guests simply go to the bar? Will you need a dance area and how big do you want it to be? If your wedding is in a park or at the beach, are there toilets available? Ensure that your shortlist of wedding venues can easily provide you with all the wedding services you require.
  • Always keep your budget on hand when looking for wedding venues. While it’s great to keep your theme and vision in mind, you may not always be able to afford what you want, so choose something that’s going to suit you – and work with your number of guests – without sending you broke.


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