Top Advice On Walking The Aisle At Your Wedding

Rocking the catwalk in an elaborate dress and heels takes practice, so we turned to Miss Universe coach,…

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Rocking the catwalk in an elaborate dress and heels takes practice, so we turned to Miss Universe coach, Lu Celania Sierra on tips on how to master the strut.

1. Pick Comfort Over Style 

“Make sure your shoes are comfortable. It sounds basic, but I have worked with so many brides that have said the shoe looked good with the dress so she picked them. Anyone looking at your shoe isn’t doing the right thing anyway, so find shoes that are as comfortable as possible to walk in!”

2. Consider Shoe Inserts
“They make pads for all shoe types, from swing backs to open toed. You don’t know how long you’re going to have to stand before you actually walk — it might be 5 minutes it might be 20 minutes. And after it’s over then you have the photographs! You don’t want to have to stand in those shoes for an hour and a half, so another tip is get the photographer to shoot the wedding party before the ceremony. It will reduce the shots you take after so people aren’t waiting on you for the reception.

3. Have Your Dress Tailored to the Shoe
“The dress fabric in front can drag, but the part right under your feet should be short. The number one key is practice in the shoe with the dress. You can’t just put it on that day and expect it to be okay. That’s what the [Miss Universe] girls walking down the runway do. They practice in their shoes with the dress.”

4. Perfect Your Posture
“Line yourself up against a flat wall. Put your feet, hips, shoulders and head against a wall and walk away. There’s where your shoulders should be, your back isn’t swayed and your knees aren’t locked. That’s exactly how you should walk.”

5. Be Confident
Do whatever you need to do to feel confident in yourself before you walk down that aisle. “When you feel like a princess, that’s when you’re happy and confident. You can’t fool the camera or the people attending your wedding when you’re not happy. It’s all about preparation, preparation, preparation.”

6. Don’t Over-Think It!
“The worst thing you can be doing while walking down the aisle or a runway is over-thinking your walk. If your little niece runs out to throw more rose petals, look at her and laugh! There’s nothing worse than missing it. Those kind of moments are just precious and incredible.”

Who is walking you down the aisle?

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